Salvia nemorosa 'Mainacht' - Maynight Salvia

Salvia nemorosa 'Mainacht' - Maynight Salvia - Lamiaceae

Salvia nemorosa 'Mainacht' or Maynight Salvia is a low growing perennial salvia with its origins in Central Europe and Western Asia. It is one of my favorite salvias that I have grown. Maynight Salvia has a low growing habit; plants only reach about 12-16 inches (30-40 cm) tall with a mounding habit. The dark green crinkly leaves reach approx 6 inches (15 cm) long by half as wide. In my yard we use these as full sun border plants with stunning results. Here in Zone 7, they will bloom all summer long if they are deadheaded (not allowed to set seed). They are very drought resistant once established and make a great plant for the landscape either in masse or as a specimen plant. They are very hardy in USDA zones 3-7. (Note: I have run out of new plants to write about in the greenhouse. I will therefore be featuring plants that I grow in my home landscape for the rest of the year. -CL)

Blooming: Salvia nemorosa 'Mainacht' plants bloom with purplish-blue flowers from late spring until the first frost, as long as they are kept deadheaded. Very showy!

Culture: Salvia nemorosa 'Mainacht' or Maynight Salvia needs full sun to partial shade with a well drained soil. In my yard, we worked sand into our heavy clay soil before planting to increase the drainage around the plants. The first year, they where watered on a weekly basis during that time. Now in their fifth year in my garden, they are very drought tolerant and only need water during extreme drought conditions. We do fertilize them monthly with a 10-20-10 pelletized fertilizer. Spent flower heads are removed weekly to insure their long blooming season. At the end of the season the plants are cut back to the ground for the winter.

Propagation: Salvia nemorosa 'Mainacht' or Maynight Salvia are best propagated by cuttings and from division of large clumps.

Salvia nemorosa 'Mainacht' was featured as Plant of the Week April 29-May 5, 2011.

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