Impatiens walleriana hybrids - 'Super Elfin Red'

Impatiens walleriana hybrids 'Super Elfin Red'

Impatiens walleriana hybrids, or 'Super Elfin Red', are the most cultivated Impatiens in the U.S. They are a tender perennial that is usually treated as an annual. They have dark green, glossy, narrow 1-3 inch (2.5-7.7 cm) leaves on light green stems. Plants are 8-12 inches (20-30 cm) tall and wide. The ease of germination and culture makes them a great plant to grow whether in containers or in the landscape. Plants bloom in 8-10 weeks from seed.

Blooming: In the greenhouse, the plants will bloom all year long. The 1.25 inch (3.1 cm) flowers are dark red and very showy.

Culture: Impatiens walleriana hybrids need a shady location and rich moist soil. In the greenhouse, we use a soil mix consisting of 2 parts peat moss to 1 part loam to 1 part sand or perlite. The plants are kept moist all year long and fertilized weekly with a balanced fertilizer diluted to ˝ the recommended strength on the label. In our greenhouse, we never allow winter temperatures to fall below 60°F (15°C). In the landscape they are suited for USDA zones 8 or above. When grown in USDA zone 7 (or below with a headstart) they are treated as annuals.

Propagation: Impatiens walleriana hybrids are propagated by division in spring before new growth begins.

Impatiens walleriana hybrid 'Super Elfin Red' was featured as Plant of the Week October 21-27, 2005.

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