Galvezia juncea
Baja Bush Snapdragon


Galvezia juncea

Galvezia juncea or Baja Bush Snapdragon, is a native of Baja California. It is a small evergreen shrub that reaches about 3 feet (~1 meter) in height by about 2 foot (2/3 meter) wide. It has arching, thin, reed-like stems with small dark green leaves. All of our plants come from the collection of Dr. Wayne Elisens who is our resident Scrophulariaceae expert.

Blooming Time: The 1-inch (2.5 cm) bright red flowers are borne at the tips of branches throughout the year.

Culture: Galvezia juncea need full sun to light shade with intermediate to warm temperatures. We grow ours in full sun all year. A suitable soil mix consists of 2 parts course sand to 2 parts loam. They are very drought resistant once established in nature and need very little water. In the greenhouse, the soil is allowed to dry in between waterings. Although they live in poor soils they respond well to monthly fertilizing with a balanced fertilizer. During the winter months, the plants are watered just enough to keep them from wilting. One has to be careful during this time because it is easy to over water them and cause root rot. The plants are hardy in USDA zones 9-10.

Propagation: Galvezia juncea are propagated by cuttings or by seed. Seed should be sown in a well-drained soil mix, barely covered and kept moist. Most seed germinate in 7-14 days at 70°F (21°C).

Galvezia juncea was featured as Plant of the Week September 6-12, 2002.

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