Dendrobium hybrid "Jaquelyn Thomas"

Dendrobium hybrid

Dendrobium hybrid "Jaquelyn Thomas" was developed by the University of Hawaii in the 1970's for the cut flower industry, I believe. It has a great shelf life of about 18 days when used as a cut flower. On the plant, flowers seem to last for about a month.

Blooming Time: The arching flowers spike yields 2½ to 3-inch (6½ to 8 cm) flowers from early summer through the fall.

Culture: Dendrobium hybrid "Jaquelyn Thomas" is an epiphytic orchid, which does best in a compost of pine bark. They require regular fertilizer and need to be fed at least twice a month during the summer flowering period. We use a 30-10-10 fertilizer diluted to ½ the strength recommended on the label. In the fall water should be reduced for the winter rest period and watering should be stopped in winter. For good flower formation they need to be kept between 48°-50° F (9°-10° C) in the winter months.

Propagation: Dendrobium hybrid "Jaquelyn Thomas" is propagated by division in the spring.

Dendrobium hybrid "Jaquelyn Thomas" was featured as Plant of the Week May 31-June 6, 2002.

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