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Laelia anceps hybrid

Laelia anceps hybrid

Laelia anceps hybrids are closely related to the genus Cattleya. Sometimes laelias are hard to distinguish from cattleyas, their differentiation lies in the number of pollinia; laelias have eight (arranged in two set of four), cattleyas have only four. The parentage of this plant is unknown, as we sometimes have plants donated to us.

Blooming Time: Fall: The flower stem of up to 28 inches long grows out of the apex of the psuedobulbs. Individual flowers are 4 inches across and very fragrant.

Culture: Laelia anceps hybrids need intermediate temperatures and filtered sunlight. We use compost consisting of equal parts of spaghnum moss and bark. During the growing season the plant should be watered every two days. To induce flowering, water should be restricted or vegetative growth can occur without the formation of flowers. During the flowering season (once flowers have been induced), watering should resume. The rest period follows the flowering season and water should be restricted once again (about once every two weeks). When the growing season resumes, repotting and division should be done. Repotting should be done about every three years.

Propagation: Laelia anceps hybrids are propagated by removal of backbulbs in spring.

Laelia anceps hybrids was featured as Plant of the Week October 24-November 1, 2001.

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