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Tylecodon halli

Tylecodon halli

Tylecodon halli, a native of South Africa, is a small shrublet with erect fleshy stem and leaves. Most Tylecodons are poisonous (cardiotoxicoses) and great care should be taken when handling the plant.

Blooming Time: Ours in the greenhouse has never bloomed.

Culture:Tylecodon halli need full sun to partial shade with a fast draining soil mix. We use a soil mix consisting of equal parts of loam and sand with small gravel added to increase drainage. Great care should be taken in watering; if the plant stays wet, the stems tend to rot at the soil line. We water ours once every 2 weeks in the growing season and about once a month during the winter months. I do not recommend the use of fertilizer with this plant.

Propagation: Tylecodon halli are propagated by leaf and stem cuttings.

Tylecodon halli was featured as Plant of the Week September 7-13, 2001.

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