Gongora quinquenervis - Gongora Orchid

Gongora quinquenervis

Gongora quinquenervis are native to Tropical America. Gongoras are easily recognized by their bizarre shape, reminding me of dragons on the wing.

Blooming Time: Early Autumn-Winter. Flowers are in racemes to over 2 foot long. The flowers are yellow, spotted with dark red, sepals reflexed, petals arching, curved.

Culture: Gongora quinquenervis are epiphytic and because of their trusses of flowers they should be grown in hanging pots or wooden baskets. The compost should consist of Osmunda or tree fern fiber with Sphagnum moss to which small pieces of bark are added. The plants require humidity at all times and have no definite rest period. For ripening of pseudobulbs and encouragement of flowers, water is reduced somewhat for a short time. They grow best in semi-shade with intermediate temperatures. Buds and flowers are sensitive to direct contact with water, they must not be syringed, otherwise flowers may drop prematurely.

Propagation: Gongora quinquenervis are propagated by the division of pseudobulbs in the spring.

Gongora quinquenervis was featured as Plant of the Week March 3-9, 2000.

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