Aptenia cordifolia - Baby Sun Rose

Aptenia cordifolia

Aptenia cordifolia is native to the Eastern Coastal Plains of South Africa. This charming plant makes an excellent annual ground cover in zone 7. Often reaching a spread of 2 feet or more in the growing season. It takes Oklahoma heat and summer drought conditions well.

Blooming Time: Spring-Fall. Flowers are 1 inch across, purplish red and resemble daisies.

Culture: Aptenia cordifolia need full sun to light shade with night temperatures of 50 degrees and day temperatures of 65 degrees or higher. When grown in pots, the pots should be at least 8 inches deep. It also makes a great hanging basket plant for full sun. A suitable compost consists of 2 parts sand to 1 part loam to 1 part peat moss. Only water the plant when it is thoroughly dry. I do not recommend the use of fertilizer with any plant in the Aizoaceae family. If planted outdoors, it needs a well-drained soil with exposure to full sun.

Propagation: Aptenia cordifolia are propagated by cuttings or seed. Cuttings will root in about 3 weeks.

Aptenia cordifolia was featured as Plant of the Week February 18-24, 2000.

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