Pleiospilos prismaticus - Mimicry Plant

Pleiospilos prismaticus

Pleiospilos prismaticus are interesting and easy plants to grow. They resemble slivers of the rocks that they grow in. The plant itself is gray-green with brown translucent dot on the epidermis. They are native to South Africa.

Blooming Time: Late Spring-Summer. The flowers are 2 inches across and resemble daisies.

Culture: Pleiospilos prismaticus need full sun and warm temperatures. Never let the plants fall below 50 degrees at night with day temps of 65 degrees or higher. They need a well-drained soil with low nutrient levels (2 parts sand to 1 part loam with small gravel added to increase drainage). They should be grown in deep pots (6 to 8 inches deep). The growth period is from spring through summer. During the growth period, water the plant only when the soil is completely dry. Fertilizer should be avoided at anytime. In the winter months, you should water only enough to keep the plant from shriveling. These plants are very slow growing and the most common cause of failure is overwatering.

Propagation: Pleiospilos primaticus are readily propagated by seed that is produced after flowering.

Pleiospilos prismaticus was featured as Plant of the Week Febuary 11-17, 2000.

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