Neomerica gracilis - Apostle Plant

Neomerica gracilis

Neomerica gracilis is a tropical iris that is native from S. Mexico to Brazil. When the Apostle Plant blooms it is an indicator that spring has arrived in the greenhouse.

Blooming Time: Late Winter-Early Spring Flowers are up to 2 inches across, the outer perianth segment are white with yellow and brown markings, the inner segments are blue. The flower is lightly scented and lasts only one day.

Culture: Neomerica gracilis need intermediate temperatures and a humid environment. They do best in part shade. I grow mine in 40% shade. A suitable compost consists of 2 parts peat moss to 1 part loam to 1 part sand. Keep the compost evenly moistened but not saturated. Fertilize weekly with a balanced fertilizer diluted to ½ the strength recommended on the label.

Propagation: Neomerica gracilis are propagated by division or by removal of plantlets that form after flowering.

Neomerica gracilis was featured as Plant of the Week January 21-27, 2000.

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