Epidendrum X obrienianum - Butterfly Orchid

Epidendrum X obrienianum

Epidendrum X obrienianum is a cross between E. evectum and E. ibaguaense, with a habit similar to E. ibaguense.

Blooming Time: Spring-Summer Dense cluster of vivid red flowers, each the shape of miniature Cattleya orchids.

Culture: Epidendrum X obrienianum is one of the best known of the reed stem hybrids. Reed stemmed orchids need an abundance of sunlight to flower, but shade the roots to provide a cool root run. Reed orchids require day temperatures of 60° or higher, with night temperatures from 50°-65°. During the growing season, which commences in spring, they require plenty of water and fresh air. Sufficient humidity must be assured to keep the plants moist, usually 50-70%. The rest period commences in autumn when very little water is required. The compost should never dry out completely. The compost should consist of bark, tree fern fiber and sphagnum moss. If the plant is grown in bark only, it should be fertilized at every other watering with a high nitrogen fertilizer. Feed plants in other media monthly.

Propagation: Epidendrum X obrienianum are propagated by plantlets that form after flowering.

Epidendrum X obrienianum was featured as Plant of the Week January 14-20, 2000

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