Epidendrum radiatum - Buttonhole Orchid

Epidendrum radiatum

Epidendrum radiatum is an epiphytic orchid from Central America. Epidendrums in general are one of the easiest orchid species to grow.

Blooming Time: Fall; Flower is 1½ inches across, cream colored, sepals and petals ovate, fleshy, spreading, lip rounded, shell shaped, white with bright purple radial lines. Flowers are extremely fragrant.

Culture: Epidendrum radiatum does best in bright indirect sunlight with night temperatures of 50 to 65 degrees and day temperatures of 68 degrees or higher. It should be grown in a mixture of 2 parts fir bark to 1 part coarse peat moss. Keep the potting medium abundantly moist at all times. It needs high humidity, so place in humidifying trays or mist at least twice a day. Fertilize monthly with a high nitrogen fertilizer diluted to ½ the strength recommended on the label.

Propagation: Epidendrum radiatum are propagated by division of pseudobulbs. Divide in clumps of 3-4 pseudobulbs.

Epidendrum radiatum was featured as Plant of the Week October 1-7, 1999.

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