Oncidium reflexum - Dancing Doll Orchid

Oncidium reflexum

Oncidium reflexum is just one of the genus Oncidium, comprising 750 species. The distribution area reaches from South Florida via Central America to Brazil and Argentina. Oncidium reflexum is a native of Mexico.

Blooming Time: Summer; Flowers are in panicles with many 1 inch yellow flowers.

Culture: Oncidium reflexum is a pendulous species with a creeping rhizome that are best planted on tree fern slabs or cork bark with a little compost, but they thrive in pots with good drainage. Compost should consist of osmunda or tree fern fiber with sphagnum. During the growing period watering should be plentiful, but for ripening of pseudobulbs, for flower inducement, and during the winter rest period watering is hardly necessary. They like at least 50% humidity with plenty of ventilation and slight shade. Direct sunshine should be avoided so that the leaves do not scorch. The best time to repot is in early spring when roots and new growth begins to emerge.

Propagation: Oncidium reflexum are propagated from back bulbs in spring.

Oncidium reflexum was featured as Plant of the Week August 13-19, 1999.

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