Brassavola cucullata

Brassavola cucullata

Brassavola cucullata is an epiphytic orchid found in low-lying rain forests up to elevations of 7200 feet in Tropical America.

Blooming Time: Early to Late Summer. The blossoms are fragrant at night, with long slender showy white sepals and petals.

Culture: Brassavola cucullata need bright light and should be placed where they can receive plenty of light without long exposure to midday sun. These plants can be grown in an intermediate environment. Day temperatures should be 69-86 degrees with night temperatures of 55-65 degrees. Grow these plants in a mixture of fir bark with perlite with charcoal added or on slabs of bark. Fertilize weekly with a high nitrogen fertilizer diluted to ½ the strength recommended on the label. These plants benefit from high humidity which should be kept between 75-85% all year long. Water freely during the growth period and decrease waterings when new growth has matured. At this time give the plant only enough to keep the leaves from shriveling.

Propagation: Brassavola cucullata are propagated by division of strong plants at the beginning of the growing season.

Brassavola cucullata was featured as Plant of the Week July 23-29, 1999.

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