Tacitus bellus - Chihuahua Flower

Tacitus bellus

Tacitus bellus is a glabrous, succulent, perennial herb of West Mexico.

Blooming Time: Late Spring - Early Summer

Culture: Tacitus bellus need full sun exposure, also a soil that is porous and gritty yet sufficiently compact and retentive to hold the moisture that the plant requires. Good drainage is essential. Soil should consist of equal parts of loam and sand with small gravel added to give it the proper porosity. Pay particular attention to make sure that they do not rot at the root from soggy soil. Water when plant is dry and do not water again until the soil is completely dry again. Fertilizer should be applied only once during the growing season, diluted to ¼ the recommended rate on the label. During October to March, water very sparingly, using only enough water to keep the foliage from shriveling.

Propagation: Tacitus bellus is propagated by the division of offshoots, rooted in moist sand.

Tacitus bellus was featured as Plant of the Week June 18-24, 1999.

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