Maxillaria tenuifolia - Maxillaria Orchid

Maxillaria tenuifolia

Maxillaria tenuifolia is one of the 200 species of maxillarias. It is one of the easiest orchids to care for. Maxillaria tenuifolia is native to Mexico to Honduras.

Blooming Time: Summer: This plant bears long lasting coconut-scented blossoms, about 1-1/2 inches across, that are dark red with yellow speckles.

Culture: Maxillaria tenuifolia does best in bright indirect or curtain-filtered sunlight, night temperatures of 55 to 70° and day temperatures of 68° or higher. Plant in a mixture of 2 parts fir bark or shredded tree-fern fiber and 1 part peat moss. Keep the potting medium moist at all times. Fertilize monthly with a 20-10-10 fertilizer diluted to ¼ tsp. per quart of water.

Propagation: Maxillaria tenuifolia is propagated by the division of pseudobulbs which arise from a creeping rhizome.

Maxillaria tenuifolia was featured as Plant of the Week June 4-10, 1999.

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