Alocasia sanderiana - Kris Plant

Alocasia sanderiana

Alocasia sanderiana are grown for their ornamental foliage. Their leaves are very large and beautifully colored. The Kris Plant is a native of the Philippine Islands.

Blooming Time: May flower at anytime during the growing season. Flowers are spathes about 4½ inches long.

Culture: Alocasia sanderiana need a compost of equal parts of peat moss and loam with sand and crushed charcoal added. Warm, humid, shady conditions are required throughout the grow summer and plants need an abundance of water when growing. When the leaves fade in fall, less water is required, and when they have died, the soil is moistened once in a while. Care should be taken when planting rhizomes, the top of rhizomes should be planted above the soil line or the leaves could decay at the base.

Propagation: Alocasia sanderiana are propagated by the division of rhizomes in spring.

Alocasia sanderiana was featured as Plant of the Week May 14-20, 1999.

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