Musa acuminata - Dwarf Cavendish Banana

Musa acuminata

Musa acuminata is a perennial herb but the leaf sheaths produce several trunklike structures called pseudostems. Bananas are of Old World origin and are among the most important tropical fruits.

Blooming Time: Bananas may flower anytime of the year. The inflorescence is nearly horizontal or turned downward (becoming pendulous when fruit matures). About 100 days are required for a fruit bunch to mature after the young inflorescence bud first appears from the leaf sheaths.

Culture:Musa acuminata do best in well drained soils high in organic matter with a pH of 5.5 to 7.0. Banana plants need fertile conditions and an abundance of soil moisture for best growth and yields. The development of the plant in the first 3-4 months determines the weight of the bunch and the number of hands (fruits at the same node of an inflorescence). Young plants should be started with a fertilizer solution of 6-2-12 or similar formulation with 2-3% magnesium applied every 2 months until fruiting, 10 to 18 months later.

Propagation: Musa acuminata is most commonly propagated by the removal of suckers or pieces of rhizome from the original plant.

Musa acuminata was featured as Plant of the Week March 19-25, 1999.

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