Haemaria discolor - Jewel Orchid

Haemaria discolor

Haemaria discolor is native to Indonesia and Burma. Jewel Orchids are terrestrial orchids, which mean they grow in soil and soil-like medium and grow on the ground.

Blooming Time: Winter-Early Spring. Flowers are white with twisting yellow columns. Individual flowers are small but grow in clusters on upright stalks.

Culture: Haemaria discolor tolerate intermediate to warm environments. They need high humidity and warm temperatures. Because of these temperature preferences, they can be grown in terrariums or pots. Low to medium light is ideal, and they tolerate extremely low light levels. Jewel orchids are terrestrial so grow them in equal part’s of soil, and peat moss. You may want to add perlite to this mixture to assure drainage. Keep medium moist but ensure good ventilation in the area they are growing. Jewel orchids are uniquely different and are a perfect plant to simply enjoy their beautiful foliage.

Propagation: Haemarias can be propagated anytime of the year. Take cutting of growing shoots and pot them directly in the potting medium.

Haemaria discolor was featured as Plant of the Week February 5-11, 1999

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