Adenium obesum - Desert Rose

Adenium obesum

Adenium obesum is actually a succulent member of the Oleander family. It originates in East Africa, from regions where it rains frequently in the summer, but is very dry in winter.

Blooming time: Spring, and a second time in September.

Culture: Desert Rose needs to have a soil mix of sand or brick chips mixed into regular soil, or a cactus mix. The soil should dry completely between waterings. For this reason clay pots are better suited for growing Desert Rose than plastic pots. Water sparingly during winter months.

Propagation: Desert Rose can be grown from seed or cuttings. The best time for either method is in the spring.

Seed: Scatter seed into a mixture of sand/soil. Seeds germinate easily, and seedlings grow without any special attention.

Cuttings: Propagation by cutting is easy. Cut end shoots and let dry for a day or two. Be careful of the toxic sap. Stick shoots into a pot of moist soil, and provide bottom heat. Keep soil moist.

Warning: All parts of Desert Rose are poisonous and should be kept out of reach of children and animals.

Adenium obesum was featured as Plant-of-the-Week October 9-16, 1998.

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