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Plant-of-the-Week LISTSERV Subscription

Cal's Plant-of-the-Week is mailed to you each Friday, distributed via a LISTSERV distribution e-mail list. If you are interest in subscribing, please see the instructions below on how to subscribe to a list. This list is a private list and will be used only for Plant-of-the-Week. (These will never be sent more frequently than 1 per week and the list will never be shared with anyone outside OU.)

The easiest method to join is to fill out this form and then press subscribe. (If you decide to cancel, you may visit this page and unsubscribe at anytime.) Please be sure to check your e-mail address for accuracy. If you are successful, you will receive e-mail confirmation of the action. If not, try again, or contact the Plant-of-the-Week Webmaster.


Mailings will be sent once per week on a plant featured from our greenhouse. Cal Lemke, our greenhouse grower, tells about a different plant each week. No need to worry that we will run out ... there are new plants and seeds arriving all the time. Here is the link to Cal's Plant-of-the-Week in case you get lost.

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You will be asked to confirm your request to join the listserv and may unsubscribe at any time. Access this page if you want to subscribe or unsubscribe to this list.